Friday, March 11, 2011

Refrigerator Carton Spray Booth

When our new refrigerator was delivered we decided to keep the large carton it came in to use as a spray booth, and it's come in handy already.

Our laundry room had one of those terrible flush mounted "breast" light fixtures that you see everywhere, and it was really getting to me. I found an inexpensive tin light fixture that had a simple, attractive design, and Roger used the spray booth to transform it into wrought iron, with a 99 cent can of flat black spray paint. He just suspended a board with a cup hook across the top of the carton and hung the light while he painted it. The spray booth will also come in handy when he refurbishes our outdoor furniture and accessories, especially if he wants to paint them when it's too wet or cold to do it outside.

When we're not using the spray booth, we collapse it flat to store along a wall in the garage, behind the old refrigerator which now lives there in disgrace for causing our huge water damage loss last Fall.

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