Friday, December 23, 2011

Sparkly and Shiny Bits for Crows and Magpies

As much I love using natural greenery, this time of year my inner crow and magpie tendencies take over for a while, and I indulge in holiday sparkle. Over the years I've acquired enough stuff, mostly hand-me-downs and souvenirs from my travels, plus odd bits and cheap thrills from junk shops and after Christmas sales, to fill the house and add considerable cheer. These "creations" would make me shudder at other times, but in the winter I enjoy the way they light up dark corners and add energy to otherwise dull spots, like a hallway. Some things are especially meaningful as a way to be connected with my absent family. At the moment there are a couple of Aunt Joanne's mismatched candlesticks on the coffee table and my grandmother's rhinestone snowflake pins on a cushion on the bed, to accompany the crow and magpie-favored sparkly and shiny bits scattered here and there...

Roger goes along with all this in his usual good-natured way, and sometime even says that he likes my crazy ideas. This time of year some of what works for me is admittedly over the top, but after the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over, I'm equally happy, even relieved, to put it all away.

Here are some pictures for those of you who also appreciate a little seasonal excess. As I looked at them I wished I'd done a better job with the arrangements, but I was in a hurry to transition from Autumn to Winter, and things got jammed in vases, instead of being artfully arranged. Oh well... In person the individual shortcomings aren't as apparent, and it's possible to enjoy the cumulative effect.

Great Room Mantle
Dining Room

Master Bath 1
Master Bath 2

A Dark Corner

Family Room
Great Room Coffee Table
Family Room
Great Room

Downstairs Hallway

Kitchen  Island with Baci in the Window
Powder Room
My grandmother's snowflakes

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