Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Roger's Favorite Breakfast

Roger's Hot Cereal
One of my most important domestic responsibilities is to keep Roger well supplied with his favorite breakfast, a custom hot cereal blend that I created a few years ago from inexpensive ingredients. The faux "Grape Nuts" is the star because it tastes good and the chewy little nuggets improve the texture of the cereal. Because of the nuggets and the large flakes of grain, this mix doesn't turn into gritty lumps or cement, like many finely ground hot cereals.

Roger looks forward to this breakfast because it tastes great and he knows it's a healthy meal. It's become his secret weapon for keeping his energy level high until lunch time. What I like is that once I've created the mixture, Roger can make his own breakfast in no time. He just fills a bowl with the amount of cereal and other ingredients he wants, adds water to cover and sticks the bowl in the microwave for about two minutes, depending on how full it is.

It's so easy to add variety to the basic mix with fresh or dried fruit, nuts, sugars, fruit butters, jams or syrups, that Roger doesn't feel that he's having the same old thing every day. He tops the cereal with almond milk, and sometimes adds protein powder when he knows there's a challenging day ahead. A lower calorie version uses just a little stevia and almond milk, and it's still delicious and very filling.

Roger's Hot Cereal

1 package generic 100% whole grain old fashioned rolled oats ( 2lb, 10oz size)
1 package generic "Grape Nuts" (1lb, 8oz size)
3 pounds  "Six Grain Blend"  (flakes of white wheat, red wheat, barley, sunflower, rye and rolled oats) $1.98/lb at ingles
cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice to taste

Other possibilities include soy grits, corn grits, or flax seed meal. Create your own blend with the ingredients you prefer, and tell me about it!

Because of the large volume of cereal the basic recipe makes, I don't have a bowl that's large enough to mix it all at once, so I split the ingredients in half and do it in two batches. One complete recipe fills this large canister and keeps Roger going strong for weeks.

Roger's Hot Cereal is delicious, inexpensive, healthy and easily tweaked for variety. What's not to love?

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