Friday, March 23, 2012

Elizabeth Bradley Spring Cushions

When I brought out my collection of Elizabeth Bradley cushions for Spring the other day, I continued the project of photographing them and looking up the names, which I'd forgotten years ago. I still can't get over the fact that I had it in me to do so many needlepoint projects, and I wonder if I'll ever be inclined to tackle another one.

New cushions are just one aspect of the seasonal changes I make around here, which I do it a little at a time. One Saturday it's the cushions, and another it's redoing the flower arrangements or bedding. Over the years we've acquired or made things to reflect the time of year, and both Roger and I enjoy putting away the stuff from the previous season and bringing out the "new" old stuff for the current one. Doing it here where there are four seasons, instead of the two that we had in the San Francisco Bay Area, makes it even more fun.


The Blackbirds' Nest


Interlocking Hexagons

Spring Basket
Sweet Peas
Apple Blossoms


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  2. hi there. I love the bunnies! is that Elizabeth bradley? You've made some really gorgeous pieces..... wow