Monday, April 2, 2012

They've Struck Again ..

Perhaps I was being naive, but after voles ate their way through the roots of ten mature nandina, I thought the worst was over. This weekend I found out that I was wrong when I noticed three seven foot tall hollies had many dead leaves and were leaning over, a sure sign that voles had struck again. With a feeling of dread I checked each plant and discovered that each could easily be lifted from its hole, just as with the much smaller nandina. The thing that shocked me most is that the hollies were so large.

The worst vole problem is in the beds between the house and the driveway. It's a large area and there are many plants, like Japanese maples, that aren't easily replaced. When Roger planted the maples, we lined the hole with hardware cloth, but I'm still worried about them in the face of such vole violence.We know we've got to take more drastic measures, but we don't want to endanger ourselves or our animals in the process. Any suggestions?

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