Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"The Triumph of Individual Style"

A Guide to Dressing Your Body, Your Beauty, Your Self
Since we're at the beginning of the year when many of us are highly motivated toward personal improvement, I want to tell you about "The Triumph of Personal Style", a resource with a unique approach.

My friend Bonnie told me about the book a few years ago, and said I absolutely had to read it. However, I never got around to looking for it, and Bonnie eventually got tired of my excuses. She felt it was important to my education, so she found a copy and sent it to me. I've always been very glad that she did because the book changed the way I see myself, and the way I dress. 

Written in 1993 by Carla Mason Mathis, the founder of ColorStyle, and designer-writer HelenVilla Connor, it's described as:

  • a book on personal style 
  • a reference book 
  • a workbook

A basic premise of the book is that we all have the potential to be beautiful, and the authors tell you how to identify and work with what they call your body's design pattern. 

The Chapters 

Chapter 1 - Line in the Body and Face, including how to choose fabrics that work for you.

Chapter 2 - Your Body's Basic Shape, and how to choose silhouettes for your wardrobe.

Chapter 3 - Your Body's Length Proportions, and how to discover and balance them.

Chapter 4 - Your Body Particulars, and how to camouflage and highlight them.

Chapter 5 - Scale: Your Body's Bone Structure, Facial Features and Apparent Body Size, and how to choose clothing construction, accessories and jewelry.

Chapter 6 - Your Body's Unique Color Pattern, and how to choose colors that enhance it.

Chapter 7 - Your Body's Textural Qualities, and how they interact with your clothing textures.

Chapter 8 - Your Innate Creativity, and how to use it to develop your personal style.

The entire book is built around references to art, showing all types of beauty, conventional and unconventional. It "explodes fashion myths that have existed for decades...with new concepts that redefine the way you see your body, whatever your age, size, shape or color."

Locating a Copy

I hope you won't get upset with me for telling you about a book that's out of print and a bit difficult to find, because it's a little treasure, unique and well worth searching for. When I looked for it on the other day, I found that the cheapest used paperback is about $35, and if you're lucky enough to find it in the hardcover edition, the cost is a whopping $99! I didn't do a thorough search, and you may find other, less expensive copies.

An Idea for How to Use the Book

Once you locate a copy, one way for you and your friends to have fun with it is to share the cost and use it as the basis for your own individual style workshop, helping each other apply the information, as you learn the principles of each chapter. You could do it a week at a time, perhaps over a little wine and pizza (or something). If you do, please tell me all about it!

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