Friday, October 30, 2009

Yesterday I walked through our garden to visit the Japanese maples. Most of the leaves are gone, brown or the colors are muted, but there were a few that were beautiful. I gathered some of the best and brought them inside to flatten in a phonebook over night. Just now I peeked at them: Maiku Jaku, Koto No Ito, Waterfall, Red Select, Villa Tarranto, Orangeola, Osakazuki and more. The colors of the leaves, their beautiful and very different shapes always amaze and delight me.

We lost nearly twenty maples in a late Spring freeze a couple of years ago. Last Spring a freeze caused the branches on the Maiku Jaku to grow inward toward the trunk, and I'm still not sure why it happened or what to do about it. I worry about our maples as we go in to Winter. The mountain climate is much harder on them than I expected, and our efforts to protect them haven't made a difference.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Earlier this afternoon I went to a client's house to install some plants and accessories. The house is vacant, and even with new carpet and fresh paint in a spiffy color scheme, it lacked "life". Then I put a fall flower arrangement on the mantle and added plants in a few other places. Suddenly this lonesome house looked much more cheerful. Even without furniture, it looked like a home.

This house has been on the market for nearly two years, but has just now been revamped and staged. It's never too late for staging to help, but I wish the call had come sooner - for the sake of the sellers. Just think of the opportunities that were lost...