Monday, November 15, 2010

Move Management

Most of us dread the prospect of moving. There’s a lot of work to do, and you need to make hundreds of decisions, some more difficult than others. You also must begin dealing with your belongings while the house is being prepared for sale, making that project even more complex. Imagine that you’re a busy executive with a family and a demanding job, or you’re an older couple making a move with no family nearby to help. Daily life is already challenging and now you’re faced with selling your house and moving. Where can you get the help you need? The answer for many families is to rely on the services of a move manager.

What is Move Management?
Move managers are specialists who assist with the practical and emotional aspects of relocation. Generally move managers work on an hourly rate and offer an array of services designed to reduce the stress of moving, produce quality results and ensure a smooth transition to your new home. Move managers will offer the following services – and more:

* Develop an overall strategy, based on your goals and timetable.
* Help you determine what things will go with you.
* Arrange to dispose of the rest, according to your wishes, by donation, consignment, gift, estate sale, on-line sale, etc.
* Have your house prepared for sale using the services of a home inspector, professional stager and tradespeople, as needed.
* Assist in hiring a REALTOR®.
* Hire and supervise packers, cleaners and movers.
* Customize the furniture plan for your new home.
* Unpack and arrange your belongings.
* Disconnect and transfer utilities.
* Disconnect and set up electronic equipment, including televisions and computers.
* Provide “age in place” services for those who wish to remain at home.

Skilled move managers are much more than project management specialists. They’re caring and empathic, atuned to the emotional challenges their clients are facing, and dedicated to helping them through a difficult period. Check qualifications and references before hiring a move manager. You’ll have a very close working relationship, so be certain that you’re comfortable with her style and have a clear understanding of how she charges for her services.

Smart Selling Tip:
Move management services are the answer for those who aren’t able to handle a move by themselves, or for members of the family who want to help, but can’t be there.

©2010 Sandy LeRoy and Mary Stephens

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