Thursday, December 23, 2010

Window Treatments: Friend or Foe?

Window treatments can make a powerful decorating statement that adds to your family’s enjoyment of your house, but they also can be a drawback when you sell. If the design, color and materials aren’t popular today, or if they’re suitable only to a specific décor, or if they’re not positioned correctly, your house won’t photograph or show well. However, attractive (not necessarily expensive) window treatments with broad appeal, can add value and style to your house.
Before you list, evaluate the window treatments in each room.
· Are there expensive, custom window treatments that you plan to leave? Be certain the design, color and pattern are sufficiently neutral to appeal to nearly everyone. If so, describe them in detail for your marketing binder. If they’re too specific or dated, make changes.
· Selling is different from living in your house. If you chose opulent drapes, they might overwhelm the room and distract buyers. Focus attention on the house, not your décor. Change or edit window treatments, as needed.
· Is there more than one layer of window treatment, such as blinds, a shade or sheers, plus heavier fabric drapes? Remove any layer that is more decorative than functional for a simpler look.
· Are some window treatments coordinated with paint colors in rooms that are now being repainted? If so, remove or change them.
· If you remove any hardware, be sure to fill the holes and repaint.
· Some window treatments serve an important function such as privacy, security, screening an unattractive view, or energy efficiency. If that’s the case, but they aren’t attractive, replace existing window treatments with functional, simple, color-coordinated ones.
· Are the window treatments clean and in good condition?
· Are the window treatments hung correctly to:
§ make ceilings look higher and rooms look more spacious?
§ allow maximum light to reach the interior?
§ showcase the window?
§ correct the proportions of the window in relation to the wall?
If you’re not sure how well your window treatments are working, call a professional stager.
Sometimes the answer is simple and cost-free, like repositioning a drapery rod. Your stager can help you evaluate the window treatments in your house and suggest ways to make the most of your budget.
Smart Selling Tip:
Evaluate the window treatments in your house before you list. If you need help, get advice from a professional stager.
©2010 Sandy LeRoy and Mary Stephens

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