Friday, August 9, 2019

Every Detail Mattered: An Exterior Transformation in Tryon

This was a project Roger and I were eager to do. From the moment Roger first saw the house when he did the estimate, to my first look at the pictures he took that day, we both knew that our craftsmanship, color expertise, and attention to detail, along with using top quality materials, could make a significant difference. Not only could we add to the value of the home, we could also give our clients a place they could enjoy and be proud of.

Front of the House After

First Impressions

As you can see below, not only did the existing colors not flatter the house, the different elements of painted siding, brick, vinyl windows, and the raw foundation looked unrelated instead of as a unified whole. The front of the house also looked lop-sided because the right side was one story while the left side was two stories. The existing paint was in very bad condition and nearly everything required significant prep. While Roger began to tackle all of that, I met with the homeowners to discuss the new colors.

Here's how the house looked on the day of the estimate:

Front Side Before

Front Door and Storm Door Before
Red, White and Blue

Right Front Window Before
Note the Small Scale Trim

Downspout and Chimney Flashing Before

Garage Side Before
The Lower Half Looks Unfinished

Patio Area Before
Vinyl and Paint Colors Don't Work
Patio Door Before

Back of the House Before
Unpainted Lattice

Color Considerations

The first thing I explained to the homeowners was that the colors of the fixed elements, including the yellow-red brick and the brown roof, had to guide us, as it was crucial that the new colors coordinate with them. There also was the new flagstone patio by the kitchen door to be considered and the stark white vinyl windows and storm doors. Then there were utilitarian items like the downspouts and other details that were in full view. My goal was to camouflage them when possible, or at least diminish their impact.

After we walked around and talked, we started looking at large color samples on every side of the house with their different lighting conditions. Eventually, the winning siding color was Benjamin Moore Alexandria Beige HC-77. We used premium quality Aura Exterior Paint throughout.

How Color Selection and Strategic Placement Addressed The Issues 

  • To make the house look unified and less lop-sided, I suggested that the new siding color be similar in value to the brick, and that the foundation be painted in the body color. Because the lot is shaded, a darker color would have looked gloomy, but Alexandria Beige worked well with the brick, roof, and patio.
  • The white downspout and the chimney flashing on the front side needed to disappear, so we matched the brick and painted them in Georgian Brick HC-50.
  • To add interest, the fascia was painted in Fairview Taupe HC-85.
  • The trim around the vinyl windows was very skimpy and plain. To make the trim look larger and reduce the contrast between the siding color and the vinyl, we used a lighter color than the siding, Stone Heath #984, and Roger painted not only the existing trim, but the fixed metal edge of the window. 
  • The front door and the storm door were painted in Aura matched to Sherwin Williams Sealskin SW7675.
  • The patio door and storm door were painted in Alexandria Beige.

The Results: 

Front side looking left
Front Door After

Front Window After

Downspout and Roof Flashing After

Garage Side Almost Finished

Back After
Patio Area After

Patio Door After

Our clients were thrilled by the way the house looked when we were done, and we were almost as happy as they were. 

If your house needs a makeover, call Sandy at (828) 692-4355 to schedule an estimate. We can achieve the same kind of results for you!

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