Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Exterior Painting in Hendersonville, NC: Flattering the Brick

The front of the house after
The brick we typically see has shades of red, orange, yellow, or brown, but this house was different. Its brick had shades of dark purple, dusky lavender, and mauve. It was a star player in the front of the house because it was a prominent feature on both sides, and it also was used for a large retaining wall.

The existing blue paint on the siding and trim not only didn’t enhance the brick, the colors worked against it. 

 It was time to give the house a fresh, updated look, and coordinating the new paint colors with the brick became one of my top priorities.

The House Before

The New Color Plan

To develop the new plan I used my spectrophotometer to identify the hue families of the major colors in the brick so I could analyze them and be confident the new paint colors for the siding and trim would work. I also considered the roof colors, which fortunately were very similar to the colors in the brick.

In addition to new colors, I took a different approach to accenting:
  • The garage doors weren't accented this time. Instead, they were painted in the body color to make them less prominent and less of a distraction as visitors approach the front door. 
  • To add more curb appeal, the shutters were painted a special accent color, matched to the beautiful eggplant color in the brick. 
  • The new front door color was different from the trim and shutter colors. It was inspired by the red Japanese nearby, making it a dramatic and elegant focal point. 
  • The unpainted lattice below the sunroom wasn't accented. It was painted in the wall color to make that side of the house look more unified and simple. 

Paint Schedule

Although most of the colors are from Sherwin Williams, the paint we used is from the premium grade Aura line by Benjamin Moore.

Walls, Lattice and Porch Skirting Board:              Dorian Gray SW 7017 
Aura Exterior Matte

Fascia, Eaves, Window and Door Casings:           Mindful Gray SW 7016
Aura Exterior Low Sheen

Porch and Sunroom Ceilings:                                  Repose Gray SW 7015
Aura Exterior Matte

Porch Floor and Stairs:                                              Gauntlet Gray SW7019

Front Door:                                                                  Townsend Harbor Brown HC-64
Aura Exterior Satin                                                     Benjamin Moore 

Shutters:                                                                       Darkroom SW 7083
Aura Exterior Satin

The House After

Here's what the homeowners said when Roger was done:

We had a great experience with both Roger and Sandy of Sterling Property Services. With new exterior paint, our home looks fresh and has a more modern and pleasing aesthetic than it ever has. We had some challenges to work around-coordinated brick and siding colors as well as protecting the original materials-so we wanted to make sure to use an expert. Now our house is much brighter and more streamlined. Roger's attention to detail and expertise were just amazing. It is so gratifying to see a true craftsman at work. We feel good that our siding is in great shape for years to come, and it looks beautiful!!"

If you'd like to update the interior or exterior of your house with a fresh approach to color, I'd love to help you too. Call me at 828-692-4355 and we'll make an appointment for a consultation. If you decide you'd like to have us do the painting, my services are free of charge. Otherwise, I charge $250 for a two-hour consultation and large color samples (travel charges may apply in some areas) to help you make your final choices. If you'd like my help but don't live in my service area, I also offer on-line color consultations. 


  1. What a remarkable difference! I love the eggplant color on the shutters. Great job!