Thursday, July 19, 2012

Color Matching: Set Yourself Free!

Many clients have told me that they want to find a paint color to match the fabric on their couch or window treatments, or the carpet, the counter tops in the kitchen, the stone in the fireplace, etc. Some believed that there's an interior design rule that requires matching, and some were uncomfortable with color decisions and afraid of making a mistake. Whatever the reason, I always tell clients not to worry about matching because nothing is special if, for example, the couch, carpet or drapes disappear into the wall color, instead of complementing, and being complemented, by it. 

Colors that match perfectly not only look boring and a bit contrived, except perhaps in the most high style designs, they can be difficult to achieve because of differences in the items themselves, such as the texture or sheen of fabric vs. paint, and the different types of colorants that are used to create them. On the other hand, a color plan with differences, whether subtle or dramatic, looks far more lively and interesting.  To learn more, follow this link:  Why You Need A Paint Color Plan

If you've been concerned about color matching, it's time to set yourself free. Good design not only doesn't require matching, it usually avoids it, preferring a coordinated whole, with enough diversity to create interest. 

Make friends with a basic color wheel, like the one on the left. If you want to showcase a beautiful fabric, consider a complementary color (opposite on the wheel) for the walls. In the picture above, someone is trying to find the perfect blue, but to showcase the fabric, they should also consider complementary colors or neutrals. It all depends on the look they want...

When you have color decisions to make and would like a little help, call me at 828-692-4355 to schedule a  consultation (two hours/$150).  

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