Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cheap Pressure-washing Is No Bargain

Roger Does It The Right Way!
Today I received this letter from wonderful clients who hired us to pressure-wash their house several years ago, loved the result and recommended us, but we didn't hear from them again. We thought they might have moved, but that wasn't the reason. Here's what happened:

"Dear Roger,
We thank you again for the painstaking excellent work you did cleaning the vinyl siding of our home. Remembering how well you rendered the same service in 2009 for us, we were pleased that your quality of work has continued with high standards of workmanship.We have had so many compliments from neighbors and we are pleased to have our home sparkling clean.
Last year our HOA hired a company,(trying to keep cost down), that caused unneccessary repairs to our enclosed porch due to the extreme water pressure used. We are so grateful we can count on your meticulous, professional, knowledgeable work and kind manner. We also thank Sandy for her friendly and courteous way.
It is with pleasure that we recommend you and your company to our neighbors and friends.
Wishing you continued success.
Walt and Eileen Richardson
Hendersonville, NC"

It's understandable that a homeowners association might think that all pressure-washing companies are created equal and decide to save money by choosing the low bid. That's what happened in this case. We've heard from other homeowners in the development who also sustained damage and were unhappy with the low bid people because little time was spent on each house, and little care was shown while the work was being done. This is another instance where choosing the low bid was a costly decision. The Richardsons were so unhappy with the outcome that they chose to hire us again and pay the cost themselves. Keep their experience in mind when you choose someone to pressure-wash your house. 

If you want pressure-washing done the right way, call me at 828-692-4355 to schedule an estimate. 

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