Friday, October 19, 2012

Don't Let Your House Fight With Your Flowers

I frequently see houses and gardens in a war of clashing, unattractive colors because no one considered the effect of the flowers and foliage when the paint colors were chosen. In the case of brick houses, or ones with stone details, plant selection often ignores the color impact of these crucial permanent elements.

Usually the conflict results from mixing warm colors with cool ones. In this example, you see purple and pink rhododendrons (cool or blue undertones) mixed with red-orange azaleas and Japanese maples (warm or yellow undertones) used as foundation plants for a brick house with red-orange undertones. It would have been better to have chosen shrubs with yellow or white flowers to harmonize with the tones of the brick.

How to keep your house from fighting with your flowers: 

  • Try to see a flowering tree, shrub or perennial in bloom before you buy it, either in a nursery or someone else's garden. 
  • If that's not feasible, look at enough pictures on line to be reasonably certain what the color impression will be. You'll avoid an investment of money and time that winds up detracting from the appearance of your house. 
  • When you're considering new paint colors, keep in mind the dominant colors of your flowering plants, especially those in the front yard. 
  • If you live in a brick house or one with stone, figure out the color undertone and choose plants accordingly. 
  • When you're buying flowering plants for containers, keep color harmony in mind. 

Wise choices will enhance curb appeal and add value.

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